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Aesthetic Nose Surgery

Aesthetic Nose Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Nose Augmentation

Aesthetic nose surgery, plastic surgery is the most frequent, the nose is the process of remodeling. Nose surgery nose with reduced or be increased, the nose tip can be removed, nose bone can be taken, etc.

Anesthesia, general anesthesia is used. Duration of surgery, including anesthesia and wake time is between 1-2 hours. Been up several days later, is going to work.

Abdominal Stretch

Sagging abdominal skin of patients with fractures and the ideal result of this operation, the patient’s body contour in other parts of the disorder or enhance confidence for patients is satisfactory. Excess fat and sagging skin on the front of the abdomen taken at the weak abdominal muscles by stretching sound is a surgical procedure.

Builder or weight loss surgery is not an attenuator. Builder overweight patients lose weight before surgery is recommended diet and exercise. View of the heart and abdominal surgery that corrects a satisfactory way in a permanent scar, but allowed to stay in the set of underwear.

Abdominoplasty surgery, aesthetic surgery, the uterus and ovaries with surgery or other surgery can be done together. Stitches will be taken between 1-3 weeks. Duration of stay in hospital between 1-5 days depending on the patient’s condition changes. You can return to work after 2-4 weeks, you feel like it may take several months

Face Lift Surgery

Tension face

Face lift surgery (rhytidectomy) if you have the face and neck skin, sagging jowls, and removes sebum. Aesthetics of the nose and eyelids, forehead lift, eyebrow lift, laser resurfacing, face lift surgery can be performed with the patient’s more beautiful, vibrant and youthful appearance may help.

Moreover, peeling, or the injection of filler material along fine wrinkles that can be resolved. Hospital conditions of operation, anesthesia in the operating room must be made under the supervision of experts.

Average of 2-2.5 hours after the surgery it is possible to go home the same day.