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The beautiful city of Antalya, connects itself with the sea, the beaches, the culture, the nature, as well as the people. One cannot break away, comes back again, and even decides to settle here. Because there lies a special geography, a special nature and an impressive history here. Antalya means the Dormitory of Attalos. It is thought to have been founded by Attalos. Although it was a period when the Kingdom of Pergamum had ended with the end of the Kingdom, it has never lost its value. However, it became an important center of the Ottoman Empire period. We see that Evliya Çelebi also occupies many places in his works. In such an impressive city, Antalya, where you can see where to go, our guide will shed light on you.

1 Day - (Transfers and Hotels):
We will take you to the Airport from your Hotels if you will be in İstanbul. At the same time if you will go Antalya from your country direct you must asked for the price again. We will gona give you two way plain tickets to Antalya for two persons are included. When you go Antalya from Airport you have a transportation for two ways again.
2 Day:
You have a hotel for ALL – Inclusive and five stars. In hotel you have Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, plus you have all drinks are free. Hammam and Sauna are free also.
3 Day - (Antalya City Tour with Boat Trip):
We will take you from Hotels at 09:00 and finish 18:30 at night. Lunch included inside. Although it is not development city in Turkey. Antalya is in the southern Turkey and it is popular with tourists. First of all , visitors to Antalya can find many things. Antalya is historical ,touristic and modern city so visitors can make many things. Antalya have archaelogical and naturel beautys so people called it “Turk Riverasi”. Seasunhistory and magic of nature in harmony with the integrated Antalya, has the most beautiful and 
4 Day - (Transfers):
You have a Transfer from the hotel to the Antalya Airport. Plain goes to Antalya Airport to İstanbul Airport plain tickets are included for 2 pax.
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