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Trabzon is one of the major cities of Turkey and the biggest one in the Eastern Black Sea region.

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Trabzon, attracting attention with its green, history, culture, cuisine and people, is the dream of every traveler and even the second address of Trabzon. There are certain places that are also iconic, definitely must be seen, certainly this culture and knowledge must be acquired. On the other hand, Ayder Plateau, Uzungöl and Sumela Monastery, which are among the most valuable of the Black Sea, cannot be ignored. Each one is a route you will not regret.
1 Day:
We will take you to the IstanbulAirport from your Hotel if you will be in Istanbul. At the same time if you will go Trabzon from your country direct you must asked for the price again. We will gona give you two way plane tickets to Trabzon for two persons are included. When you go Trabzon from Airport you have a transportation for two ways again.
2 Day - (Uzungöl Tours):
Turkey’s rain forests known as the large forested area where the bulbous Mountain with Kaçkar Mountain of full joints located Uzungol, number more than 60 endemic plant where vegetation also home to operate. In addition, the brown bear, lynx, wild animals such as deer are natural shelter case. If you are a nature lover, and you want to enjoy going through outstanding wildlife and stunning natural beauty, then you must go for Uzungol Tour. You will be picked from the Trabzon Airport, your Trabzon Hotel, Trabzon cruise ship port, or Trabzon Marina. You will find our tour guide holding up a sign with your name written on it. The guide will be providing you with a complementary Trabzon city map, Turkey brochures, and Turkey map. The tour will comprise of 7 hours. During the Trabzon to Uzungol tour, we will be enjoying our time at waterfall and will enjoy walking in the forests of Uzungol. Also, your Trabzon tours will enable you to visit Serah village.
You will be picked up from your hotel, Trabzon harbor, or Trabzon airport and will be dropped off at the same places.
We will be walking through the waterfall and the forests of Uzungol forests during Uzungol Tour.The place offers excellent opportunities for walking, climbing tracking, and botanical. We will enjoy scrumptious lunch at a local restaurant. Last but not the least about Trabzon to Uzungol is the visit to the Serah village
3 Day - (Ayder Tour):
This is your chance to explore the amazing and majestic sites of turkey with our famous Ayder tour. We take you on a memorable and engaging trip from Trabzon to Ayder, allowing you to mingle with the very core traditional Turkey, exploring the world’s renowned knife shops, taste the tempting flavors of traditional Turkish delights, find your adventurous self by rafting in Zeni and then exploring the fine flavors of Turkish tea and getting in touch with the ancient history of this country at Tasköprü (Stone Bridge). All in all, this is definitely one of the best Trabzon tours that will satiate your inner tourist fully.
Visit the age old knife shops of Sürmene
Visit the Arsin Turkish delights factory to enjoy the uniquely sweet taste of Turkish delights
Delve into a little water adventure at the Zeni Rafting area
Visit the tea factory in Trabzon to experience one of the best teas in the whole world
See the ancient Tasköprü (Stone Bridge) for a short but magnificent lesson in the ancient history of the bridge which dates back to Roman times. Trip will start at 09:00 am sharp and you will be back in your hotel by 05:00 pm. 
4 Day - (Trabzon Tours):
The tourists coming to see the magnificent beauty of Turkey are not all of same nature and type. Trabzon city tour is one of the Trabzon tours we are offering for customers. The one day tour consists of visits to all the major places in the city of Trabzon and its adjacent outskirts. The tour will take about 6-7 hours of your valued time but you will acknowledge and appreciate the fact that your it is worth the while and money you have spent on it. The 6 to 7 hours long tour will take you to the following places. These are some of the most important tourist spots of the area and we have tried our best to manage the time so that you can visit all of them. Visiting all of them may not be possible if you go on your own.

5 Day:
You have a free day and you can do lots of things like ; Some people enjoy being in groups and socializing with people while on a tour but some may prefer being alone or accompanying a close friend or their spouse on a tour. At Babunec tours, every tourist is important and we try to cater all of the valued tourists in our packages. The Hidirnebi tourhas been designed to take the second type of tourists to a tour to the Hidirnebi plateau. On this point you can arrange your spare time to go to Hidirnebi plateau.
6 Day:
You have a Transfer from the hotel to the Trabzon Airport. Plane goes to Trabzon Airport to one of the Istanbul Airport and two person plane tickets are included in the prices for 2 pax.
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