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It is one of the historical capitals and has a very old history. The city has a wonderful nature. Well, where to go in Bursa, where to see, what to eat, what to drink? 

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Our pleasant journey to Bursa starts on 07.30 - 08.00 in the morning with our private bus we take you from our hotel. At 09.00 we will be starting our tour. We will continue with a 45-minute ferry journey and when we reach Bursa, we will move towards Uludağ with the cable car. Our journey lasting 45 minutes with the cable car will make us see the beauties of Bursa and we will make a lush journey towards the summit. In Uludag, we have 2 hours to enjoy the beauty, the environment and the cold atmosphere. Then we'll go to lunch. After the meal, we will turn our way on the skirt of Uludağ, at least 600 years old, which is located against the Bursa view. Here you can both eat and drink, as well as souvenirs and enjoy the scenery. Sitting in the shade of the gigantic tree will indeed be very peaceful and enjoyable. After Turkey's largest plane tree plane is described as İnkaya the way we'll get to Istanbul. When you come to Bursa, delight, honey, chestnut sugar and natural jams without tasting such important flavors. We will return to Istanbul by taking a break at the points where you can reach such products.


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