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What an enchanted place is Cappadocia. It is a magical geography where you feel like you are in a fairy tale, where time stops, and the place becomes dusty. It's not too weird to feel that way in this region where a lot of stories were told. Cappadocia,  is an city established with lava flows 60 million years ago, when Erciyes, Gullu Mountain and Hasan Mountain was an active volcano. It is believed that the first foundations were laid in this period. Over time, the effects of rain and winds have been quite high and the city has taken its present form. The fairy chimneys, which were processed as a lace with the labor of nature, became a nest for people in the Paleolithic period. As traces of this, we encounter the structures and the remains a lot. What should be seen in Cappadocia, where to go? Here are the answers:

1 - Goreme Open Air Museum
The Goreme open air museum has a different atmosphere that will wrap you up as you enter the museum area. Knowing that the monastery life has taken place in this region in the past, knowing that Christianity's missionary and retreat life has taken place, it is incredible to see the existence of numerous churches, chapels and similar structures. Especially Girls-Men Monastery, Elmalı Church, Yılanlı Church, Carıklı Church and Tokalı Church are the works that fascinate with their magnificent frescoes. This area took place in the list of  UNESCO World Heritage; which makes you go a history journey literally. Do not leave Cappadocia without visiting the Goreme Open Air Museum.


2 - Guvercinlik Valley
The Guvercinlik Valley, which extends from Uchisar to Goreme and spreads over an area of ​​4 kilometers, takes its name from the numerous pigeon nests on the rocks. The pigeons lived with the people until the 9th century and were fed by the people; with their fertilizers, they supported the vineyards, and their eggs strengthened the frescoes. Today there is also a magnificent waterfall in this region. The water pouring from a height of 15 meters adds beauty to the nature of the region.


3 - Gulludere Valley
The Gulludere Valley, which covers important ruins of the Christian monastic life and spread over an area of ​​4 kilometers, has historical values ​​hidden among the vineyards and apricot trees. The Three Crusader Church built in the 7th century was an important religious relic; Ayvalı Church, which is thought to be built in the 9th century, is one of the values ​​worth to be seen.


4 - Love Valley
Love valley with a romantic look really deserves its name. Hot air balloons also adds a special atmosphere with the fairy chimneys. It may even be an ideal place for marriage proposal. This natural area, also known as the Baglidere valley, is one of Cappadocia's worth seeing stops.


5 - Zemi Valley
Zemi valley, starting from the Goreme open Air Museum and extending to Kermir Hill, hosts important buildings. Sarnic Church, Gorkundere Church, Saklı Church and El Nazar Church are some of them. Cappadocia's classic eye-catching views of the valley that adds new ones should be a part of your trip. It really feels good to spend time here. Just like time travel.


6 - Goreme Panoramic Landscape Viewpoint
Goreme panoramic landscapeviewing point is like the fact that Cappadocia fits into a single square. All the beauties of the region are laid out in front of you like an amazing art wonder. You can't take your eyes from the magic of the fairy chimneys, the magnificence of nature. For this reason, you must visit this point in order to fully see Cappadocia. And for a photo shoot, a bit of rest and breathing, this would be a great choice. You can also get the Truffle mushroom, which is not known, but worth the region. In addition, countless souvenir shops will give you the opportunity to buy items that will be memories.


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