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Marmaris,whose old name is Physkos, dates back to 3400 BC. In the 6th century, a large part of which belonged to the great kingdom served as a port, which was the shelter of military ships. Egypt, Asdurer, Loner, Dorianer, Persians, Macedonia, Syrer, Roman, Byzantine, Selcuk and Ottomans dominated the region. In 1425 the history of the Ottomans in the region increased with history. The fortresses, caravanserais and similar structures made during the Ottoman period, together with the ancient cities, remain as valuable historical ruins of Marmaris. Well, if you ask where are the places to see in Marmaris, the answer is in the following article.

1 - Icmeler Beach
Icmeler Beach is the most famous beach in the region. The beach, visited by numerous tourists every year, draws attention with its proximity to the center. Also a long beach is one of the reasons to be preferred. Easy access and plenty of accommodation alternatives to this beach you can spend time in your holiday program.


2 - Turunc Public Beach
Turunch Public Beach,which has a magnificent nature and one of the most special points of Marmaris with its natural beauty, is located 21 kilometers from the center of Marmaris. A blue flag beach is an important preference. This coast, where the yachts anchored on the blue voyage, the ones who want to leave themselves in the arms of nature and spend a lot of time in a magnificent sea, will be one of your most important stops. Also, remember, these shores are great for diving. Because it has an incredible underwater richness. Colorful and clear underwater beauty attracts countless divers every year.


3 - Cleopatra Island
Cleopatra Island,also known as Sedir Island, is famous for its beach known under the same name.Cleopatra beach is located about 16 kilometers north of Marmaris. It has a sandy beach and a clear sea and holiday atmosphere. Cleopatra Island is not known from where came its name, but you will feel like Cleopatra here for sure. There is so much beauty and peace in a special nature.


4 - Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai
Hafsa Sultan Caravanserai, one of the works of the Ottoman period, was built in 1545 and built for Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Suleiman the Magnificent. The caravanserai consists of 8 rooms, 1 room is larger than the others and the building has reached to our day as a whole. Previously, the inn and the bathhouse, which are part of the caravanserai, is not in place today. Nevertheless, today, it is one of the most valuable buildings of Marmaris as an attractive historical value. For this reason, you can also take part of the caravanserai, which is visited a lot by local and foreign tourists.


5 - Marmaris Castle
Marmaris Castle, which is known as the symbol of Marmaris and which has reached the present period from 1044 BC to the present, has been renewed and expanded in the period of Suleiman the Magnificent. However, the castle was heavily damaged during the 1st World War and was last restored between 1980 and 1990. When we look at the castle, we see that it consists of 18 rooms, 1 fountain and 1 arc. As of 1991, Marmaris Castle, which is opened to visitors as a museum, consists of archeology hall, ethnography hall and art gallery. You should also know what to eat and what to drink until you come to Marmaris. As you can imagine, Marmaris's seafood is very famous. However, regional special recipes including herbs are worth trying.


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