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İzmir & Efes & Cesme

Izmir - Ephesus - Cesme Guide

İzmir is one of the most beautiful cities of the past. If we focus on the most special 2 points of the city, which has always been very precious since antiquity, we see Ephesus and Cesme. Continue reading on to learn more about both Ephesus and Cesme and learn about the most important stops. Our guide, which we prepared for you to make more enjoyable trips, will shed light on this journey.

1 - Ephesus
If we look at the establishment of the ancient city of Ephesus, we are going back to 6000 BC. I mean, it's a long history. This region, which has been used as a living space in the Hellenistic period, Roman and Byzantine period, then in the Principality period and in the Ottoman period, is an example of superior city planning. The ancient city of Ephesus, which has assimilated countless cultures and civilizations for thousands of years, is an eye-catching example of architecture. It would not be wrong to say that history begins here. The important structures of the Ancient City of Ephesus are the Temple of Artemis, the Ancient Theater of Ephesus, the Library of Celsus, the Houses of the Slope, the Seven Sleepers and the House of Virgin Mary. Historical values, cultural sights, legends, stories and natural beauties are the most important parts of this region. You will come and feel like this when you enter this mystical atmosphere, Ephesus Antique City will take you to a different dimension of time. Moreover, it will be a pleasure to listen the legends here. Therefore, a tour of Ephesus will provide you with a lot of cultural and pleasant memories.


2 - Cesme
The village of Ildiri, located 20 km northeast of Cesme, was known as Erythrai in ancient times. Cesme was one of the settlement areas of the antique period. The historical findings in the region show that we are talking about a living area that has been active since the first Bronze Age. Therefore, Cesme is historically a very valuable place. Cesme Castle ranks first among the attractions of Cheshme. Built in 1508 during the Ottoman Empire and even during the reign of Bayezid II, Cheshme Castle carries the splendor of Ottoman buildings. In addition, the Cesme Museum is one of the places where the ruins of the ancient city of Erythrai are exhibited. Altinkum Beach is one of the most famous of Cheshme. While it is an attractive feature to be located only 10 minutes away from the center, refreshing and sunny beach is also the most important aspect.

It is high time to mention the history of Cesme, Erythrai Antique City. You will be greeted with ancient ruins that must be seen. On the other hand, Ilidja Beach of Cesme is one of the most famous coasts. This beach, which is also fed by groundwater, is a special point not only in summer but also in spring and autumn. That's why its visitors are never over. Aya Yorgi Bay is the last of our list of sights in Cesme. During the day, the bay is calm and peaceful, but nights are revived by concerts and DJ performances; it will be the right address of a good holiday. Of course, the sights and places to visit in Cheshme are not limited with it. However, we have listed the most specialties for you. You can also experience delicious ice creams here and you'll experience with pretty good breakfast venues. You can find any food, seafood, kebab, whatever you want, here you will have no trouble eating. Therefore, do not forget to visit the famous places of Cesme. You can buy great souvenir products in the market.


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