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There are so many places to visit and see in Yalova, which is the most important route of the travelers with its natural and historical values ​​because of being close to big cities such as Istanbul. There is also a different value among them; healing waters. This feature makes Yalova even more meaningful and valuable for every young or old,  foreigner or native;each visitor is welcomed. Let us take a look at the places to visit in Yalova, as well as the curative waters of everyone's favourite.

1 - Yalova Thermal Springs
Let's start with the address of the Yalova guide; Thermal Springs. Yalova Thermal Springs, which dates back to 4000 years ago, are located 12 km away from the city center. The hot springs, which have the title of being the only Turkish spa with gold medal, are a reason for pride. It was estimated that the first baths were built on the healing waters during the Byzantine period and new baths and mansions were built during the reign of Sultan Abdulmecid. This region, which is protected and has the status of 1st degree natural site area, is also an archeology area. The historical baths inside are quite interesting. These are: Sultan Bath, Valide Bathroom, Kurshunlu Bath and Villager Bath. The historic Kurshunlu bathhouse has a sauna and an outdoor swimming pool. In order to turn a holiday, touristic and historical tour into a healing and resting vehicle, you should complete your Yalova trip with Yalova Thermal Springs. We can even say that the trip to Yalova is a must-have stop.


2 - Bad Godesberg Park
Bad Godesberg parkhas a sister city story. It was made in memory of it and got this name. Today, it can be called the meeting point of Yalova. Therefore, it is a must stop for those who go to Yalova. For example, you can have a tea in the Fishermen Tea Cafe at the far end of the park.


3 - Earthquake Monument
Earthquake Monument was built to the memory of 2504 people lost in the earthquake disaster on August 17, 1999 and which carries the names of the lost. The monument, which was built on the area filled with rubble of the buildings collapsed in the earthquake, represents a lot of pain and will be a stop to visit to remember the lost.


4 - Yalova Coast
Yalova's coastline is one of the most valuable places in the city. It will be great to walk here, pass the time, or ride a bike. Cafés and restaurants provide a pleasant time, while ice-creamers will often come across this walking path. The green parks along the shore mean a fun break for children.


5 - Karaca Arboretum
Karaca Arboretum, which can be referred to as the Tree Museum is one of Turkey's first private arboretums. Spanning over an area of ​​135 thousand square meters and home to 5000 woody plant species, the tour point is located on the Thermal road and it is a good option to have a pleasant time and to obtain different saplings. Yeah, you read it right. You can buy a variety of saplings that are offered for sale during your trip here and get some kind of memory.


6 - Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque
Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque, which was thought to have been built in the early 16th century, is one of the oldest and most valuable values ​​of the city. The structure in the village of Hersek was damaged from time to time in the history and we can learn it from the inscription today. Finally, in 1965, it was repaired by the General Directorate of Foundations and hosted many visitors.


7 - The Walking Mansion
The Walking Mansionhas a fascinating story. Seeing that the branch of the sycamore tree was cut, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk learns that the growing branches were cut due to leaning against the walls of the mansion. Instead of cutting the branches, he orders the mansion to be shifted to the side. This situation, which was an important event in the conditions of this period, has made the mansion famous under the name of 'Walking Mansion'.


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